Climate Types

Spain has three different climate zones due to its large size and its geographical situation. The Mediterranean climate, which is characterized by it dry/warm summers and cool/wet winters. The oceanic climate, is located in the northern part of the country especially in the regions of Basque Country, Asturias, Cantabria and Galicia. The Semiarid climate, located in the south eastern part of the country, especially in the region of Murcia and in the Ebro valley. Opposed to the Mediterranean climate, the dry season in the Semiarid extends further away than the end of summer. Madrid, the capital of Spain sits in a Mediterranean climate due to its altitude of 667m (2188 ft) above sea level, and Granada also sits in the Mediterranean climate but has a higher altitude sea level of 738 m (2421 ft). (Wikipedia)

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Over the year Spain has a predominantly dry weather. The summer and winter temperatures are quite different  The annual range of temperature for Granada is 15.4 degree celsius, and for Madrid is 14.2 degree celsius. The precipitation ranges from 354 mm/year in Granada to 439 mm/year in Madrid. Granada is warmer and more seasonal than Denver.Denver is mostly wet in the middle of the year comparing to Granada that is mainly wet throughout the beginning and end of the year.

Granada and madrid's temperatures compared to Denver

Granada and Madrid's temperature compared to Denver

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2 thoughts on “Climate”

  1. Josh Hill said:

    Very nicely done, I like the graphs, and the organization of it all! Very cool stuff. I also like the first map of Spain. I think the texture of it is great! Looking forward to seeing more.

  2. Joel Wolf said:

    When reading about the climate of Spain a few things really surprised and stood out to me. I knew they had a Mediterranean climate and the stability related to that but the similarities to Denver’s temperature was very surprising. The similarities in the precipitation were also interesting, with relatively similar amounts of rain just during different times of the year. It was also interesting to see how many different climates exist in a country so small.

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