Spain has a population of 47,042,984 (December 2012 est.) from 30.5 million in 1960, changing 52 percent during the last 50 years. Population in Spain is reported by the Eurostat. From 1960 until 2012, Spain’s population averaged 38.0 million reaching an all time high of 47.27 million in December of 2012 and a record low of 30.5 million in December of 1960. the population in Spain represents 0.67 percent of the world’s total population which arguably means that 1 person in every 151 people on the planet is a resident of Spain. ( Spain’s population is much smaller  than the United States’s that is 307,006,550. Even though its descent size Spain remains a very small country compared to the the U.S that is considered to be the third largest in the world.

77% of the population lives in urban areas and this increases 1% annually. Spain has    three major big city that have the most population that are, Madrid which is the capital of Spain with 5.762 million people, Barcelona with 5.029 million people and Valencia with 812,000 people. (Source: CIA World Factbook). These Metropolitan populations are much larger than Frias which is the smallest city in Spain with only 300 people.

population map

Spain is considered to be a traditionally agricultural country that produces large crops of wheat, sugar beets barley, tomatoes, olives, citrus fruit, grapes, and cork. It is also the grape-wine nation’s largest producer of olive oil and wine. Rioja, an autonomous region in the north of Spain is the best well-known wine province. Not only largest producer but also largest consumer of wine and olive oil that are considered to be a necessity in each spaniard’s diet. Spain has a Mediterranean diet which consist of  consists of vegetables, cereal grains, fruits, olive oil, seafood, nuts and wine, which are Spain’s traditional agricultural products. The Mediterranean diet is found to be the healthiest that promotes longest life expectancy. Spaniards’s diet consist of three set meals, light breakfast, lunch which is the major course of the day and dinner that isa smaller version of lunch. Breakfast consist of café con leche ( coffee with cream milk)and bollos (sweet rolls) or toast with jam and creme cheese. Lunch incorporates four courses, a starter, a main course with two different dishes and a desert. And dinner that would be similar but smaller version of lunch.

Spain’s is also very famous with two of its authentic dishes:

 Paella, which is spanish rice with a variety of veggies and seafood.


 Churros, that are a very sweet fried dough rolled in sugar served with hot chocolate.



Various activities are related to the climate from la Tomatina in Valencia, that is a week long festival were people fight with tomato that also includes fireworks, parades, and  La tomatina tomato fightstreet parties. Fiesta de San Mateo, a spanish wine celebration which occurs in Longrono, and the celebration of the longest day of the year, the summer solstice called Hogueras de San Juan. All these traditional spanish festivities are climate dependent.


Spain’s Tourism industry has been growing since the past four decades and became the second biggest in the world. Nowadays, the country’s historical and cultural monuments and its geographic position along with its unique climate make tourism one of spain’s crucial national industries and a enormous source of stable employment and development. “It has been a successful year so far for Spanish tourism, with the country welcoming a record 34 million international tourists, a 2.9 per cent increase on 2012.”cataloniaSource:


2 thoughts on “Culture”

  1. The information you provided helped me understand the culture of Spain. I have heard a lot about Spain, but all from people who just go visit Spain. People don’t talk about the culture; they just talk about the nice places in Spain. It seems like the population increased by so much from 1960 to 2012. I find it interesting that 77% of the population lives in the urban areas. The pictures you found are amazing. All the food and the places.

  2. Kenza Skalli said:

    I have been living in Madrid for four years so far, and I absolutely agree with all of it, it is a very nice job keep it up and good luck!!

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