Climate change has a lot of impacts on the temperatures and precipitations. In Europe, winter and summer temperatures are going to be higher and increase more than average. Europe precipitations will increase in northern Europe and most likely to decrease in the Mediterranean where in overall it will be higher in winter with warmer temperatures and lower in summer with very warm and dry temperatures. The precipitations in words of rain and snow will decrease much and also flip in areas resulting in areas where usually have rain will no longer have much and areas that never experienced that much rain will actually get some. Most of this information is acquired from stereotypes trying to anticipate the weather therefore no factual statistics are available yet. Spain is actually located in southwestern Europe and its mainland is bordered to the south and east by the Mediterranean Sea where the warming is actually largest in summer. The following pictures represent the recorded results from 1906 to 2005 for the European continent for estimated temperature change. The image labeled SEM is the southwestern region of the European continent where Spain is located. As represented in the figures the increase in temperatures has been throughout the continent since 1909 at a very large rate.increase in temperaturesThe whole European continent is expected to be negatively affected by future impacts of climate change. These negative impacts will comprise an increase in the risk of inland flash floods, more periodic coastal flooding and an increase in erosion that is caused by storminess and a rise in sea level. The climate change in Europe will also cause glacier retreat in areas that have mountains and so decrease in snow in those areas and will also cause a substantial loss in species. Climate change is projected to aggravate conditions in Europe especially in the southwestern area that is going to reduce water availability, increase health risks due to heat waves and a decline in forest productivity. In the Northern area of Europe climate change is actually bringing some benefits such as a decrease in the demand of heating and an increase in forest growth however its negative impacts will eventually outbalance these benefits. – (IPPC)

The key risks of climate change for my continent are as follow:

–  A high increase in economic losses, and a high risk for people to be affected by flooding in rivers which is driven by extreme precipitations and sea level rise.

– Decrease in water availability from river abstraction plus an increase in water demand fir domestic, energy and industry use which is driven by warming trend, extreme temperature and drying trend.

– Increase in heat even which will have an impact on the people’s health and also lead to economic losses. Also a very poor quality of air which increases the risk of wildfires. All these keys are driven by extreme temperatures.


The images above represents the 4 climate-related drivers impact on my continent, Europe.

Information on key risks and climate drivers is retrieved from: 

Climate change has affected not only the lands but also humans and animals in Europe. Production systems, physical infrastructure agriculture, fisheries, forestry, social welfare, and environmental quality and biological conservation are the main areas that will be affected. The European continent will warm faster than the global average as projected by the IPPC. Increase in temperatures is expected throughout the continent and precipitation will actually vary from an increase in Northern Europe and decrease in Southern Europe. The variation of precipitation will result in dryness in summer time and limited availability of water and floods of rivers in the winter, which will cause damages. Climate change has already affected human and animal health and will continue to do so at an increasing rate, which will result in more diseases and infections. Systematic failures across European countries will be attributed to climate change, this includes multiple economic sectors and adverse social and health effects. Adaptation can reduce the impacts that sea level rising will have on populations and infrastructure in coastal regions. Sea level rise will damage Europe’s infrastructure including buildings and landscapes. – (IPPC : )


To summarize, the most interesting threats to Spain which is part of the European continent is that Tourism which will tremendously affect the economy. Tourist visit Spain because of its beautiful mountains that provides skiing resort and with the extreme temperatures that will melt down the snow those attractions will no longer be available unless adaptation is made where artificial fake snow will be produced in those resorts. The other affected area that plays a big role of the economy of Spain in wine distribution. Spain in known for the best wine grape varieties that are distributed around the world. The extreme temperatures and precipitation will badly damage vineyards where grapes are produced. Spain, and Europe in general is a very beautiful continent that brings positive economic impacts around the world so global climate change needs to be addressed as soon as possible or those positive impacts will turn into negative ones that will not only affect the European continent but the whole world.



spain's vineyard